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Patient Portal

Somerset Pediatric Group is happy to announce the arrival of the MyHealthRecord patient portal. Supported by Greenway Health, patients or their representatives will be able to access medical information without the need to contact our office. SPG's patient portal is for current, registered patients. If you would like to register with Somerset Pediatric Group, please contact any of our offices to complete the registration process. The link below for Patient Portal Registration is NOT a means to register your children with our practice.  

Somerset Pediatric Group Patient Portal Registration 

***Due to the large number of requests for patient portal registration, please be patient as we process each request. Lead times may be greater than 10 business days for a response. Thank you for your understanding.*** 

****Parents, please note: When registering for the patient portal, if both parents are requesting access, each parent must have an active email address. Otherwise, we will only be able to send the registration link to one parent. ****

On the portal, patients will be able to:

  • Ask a general, non-urgent, non-emergency related question such as "Can I schedule an appointment for my child" or "My insurance changed, here is the new information". Messages sent will require a minimum of 48 hours response time. These messages are NOT INTENDED for Medical Emergencies.
  • Pay your Bill using the Pay my Bill link, which will direct you to our bill payment system, Liquid Pay.
  • Download certain forms, immunization information, etc.
  • Send forms to our office for completion.
  • Send certain medical history to specialists or other providers.  
  • View upcoming appointments.    


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