A Parent's Guide to Eight Peaceful Hours

Sleeping 8 Hours a Night? 

Children require a lot of sleep.  Your child has a very busy schedule balancing play, school, activities with friends, sports and homework.  Some children need more sleep than others.  Studies have shown that children who do not sleep enough can have a higher risk of being overweight, learning and attention issues and more frequent illness.  Children that are tired can become crankier and not able to learn and interact with children and adults as well.

Studies have shown that a consistent bedtime routine helps to ensure children fall asleep quickly and easily.  Your provider suggests establishing a relaxing routine prior to bedtime perhaps with snuggle time, bath/shower and reading books.  Prior to bedtime for at least 1 hour it is best to avoid TV and computer time.  Rooms are best suited for sleep if they are dark and do not have TVs, computers or phones in them.  It is best if sleep practices are encouraged even during weekends and holidays.  Beds should be for sleep only and not used for "time outs" or punishments during the day.

Sometimes chamomile tea or warm milk can be soothing prior to bedtime.  Caffeine such as tea, coffee, chocolate, soda and iced tea should be avoided.

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